When Everything You Read is Slighting Disappointing: Three Stars Books.

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I've been reading a lot of three star books lately and honestly something's got to give or my head is going to explode. What is with this? I'm not in a reading slump, I'm in a reading drought. I'm reading but, everything is below average and I would rather be in a slump than dealing with this. The worst thing is I'm reading books by authors I love and they are just eh.

Three books I've wanted to read by authors I adore, just recently came out:

And believe me there are many more. All of these books were three star reads for me. I enjoyed them but there was no wow. Where is the wow?!?! My wow is apparently on vacation sunning on the beach somewhere and I'm stuck here doing nine to five (actually 7 to 3:30).

There's this saying: There are no bad books just unprepared readers. But I was so ready for these books. Maybe too ready? What if it was my complete excitement that ruined my reading experience? and if so why? If it was just a really good book shouldn't I have gotten more from it despite my excitement?

These are questions that plague me in the middle of the night when I should be getting oodles of beauty rest but alas that ain't happening. I have recently read one book that was amazeballs (see mondays post) but everything else for the past three months have been near misses.

Have you ever suffered from constant three star books? How long was your drought and what did you do to end it?

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  1. Oh yeah I have totally had a run of just ok books. But I find then I go on a run of amazing books too. I just had 4 5 star books and a couple more 4.5 stars. I am sure I will be on a drought soon!