Out of the Bat Cave and Back In Action

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Well hello there! Remember me? Obsessed reader, book blogger, all around shy nerd?

So yeah, it has been a long time since I've blogged. Not by choice but because my laptop, my trusty, handy- dandy, precious baby finally decided that it could not stand the cold rainy weather and bit the dust. Sadly, that was the only computer in my household. After days and months of saving I finally got a brand spankin' new one and like McDonald's fries I'm Loving It!

So, I'm limping back into action totally psyched and ready to talk about all the old and new books I've been reading and maybe even a few new tv shows I'm willing to try out. Until then I just wanted to mention a few books that stood out in my dark aged disconnect from the inter-webs.

What I've Enjoyed:

Recently, I've really gotten into Jay Crownover books. Totally on accident, too!! I was recommended to read Rowdy (the fifth book in the series) and at first I wasn't sure but I had nothing to lose. Doing that annoying thing I usually do I read the series out of order but I enjoyed Rowdy enough to want to read EVERYTHING!!! So that's what I did. This series really surprised me. No lie, I didn't expect it to be so good. I thought it would have flat sexy characters with a stereotypical story line. But now I know why Ms. Crownover is a NYT Bestseller. Each character is fleshed out and three dimensional. They each have their problems and they confront them individually, with friends, and through love. My favorites are:

Aside from this series (and the spinoff which I am just starting) I really loved The Wrath & the Dawn Duology. I also enjoyed the novella Sidebarred in Emma Chases Legal Briefs trilogy. I adored Jake and Chelsea in Sustained. They were my favorite couple and this novella did not disappoint.

I'm Looking Forward To:

At this point anything by Lauren Layne. I'm really excited about her new Wedding Belles series and I can't wait for Someone Like You to come out. I'm also really looking forward to the last book in Jennifer Lynn Barnes Naturals series. Of course Bad Blood and Someone Like You doesn't come out until November so I guess until then I just have to knit or something to pass the time.

I hope you have a happy fourth (if you are in the US) if not I hope you have a happy Sunday and a great week!

Until the Next Post,
See Ya!!!!
Obssessed Reader

Hello! My name is Taylor and welcome to my blog!!! I started this blog to chronicle a year of transition in my life. I started it over a year ago when I began my last year of college. Now I’ve graduated and it is time for a new chapter of my life. So far life after college has been quite interesting. Before I was a college student living in New York majoring in History who read way too much while jamming out to awesome music. Now I’m a Seattleite who reads way too much while jamming out to awesome tunes who drinks way too much coffee (seriously the coffee here is AMAZING!!!!!) SO this blog will consist of a lot of music playlist, a bunch of books reviews, and random ramblings about life and other things. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Yay, you're back! I know it's a little tough to get back into the swing of things, but I'm sure you've got lots to talk about. :)

  2. Welcome back Tay Tay <3 I love buying a new computer, they're always so new and shiny and a relief when you've been struggling using an old one. I haven't read the marked men series but have heard wonderful things about it. One of the few NA series that I'd actually enjoy reading. Lovely to see you back Taylor and looking forward to chatting books again <3