Monthly Wrap Up: January Took Off Without a Hitch

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January has to be my crowning achievement in reading. While this leaves me with an icky feeling for the rest of the year, I can't help but be really proud of myself. I have read 20, yes 20 books in January!!! Here is the absolutely perfect break down:


Counting mini reviews I have read and reviewed five books this month. Which isn't bad for me or my new reading goals. Out of these books only one was lower than three (First Touch by Laurelin Paige) and only two got five stars (Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne and The Score by Elle Kennedy). Here are all the books I've read and reviwed:


Yeah that's a lot of books in one month. Of course that's probably my average it's just weird seeing it in a big bold heading. I've managed to read a variety of books. Mostly adult romances because for some reason this month all of my adult fiction books were released. I only read one YA book ( All-in by Jennifer Lynn Barnes) and it was freaking AWESOME!!!! So many twist and turns I'm glad I was sitting for the big reveal (then I had to read it again because holy moley that was a whopper!!!!!). I finished two series and/or trilogies ( Fixed Series by Laurelin Paige and Asking For It by Lilah Pace). I have one book left before I finish the Wird Girls Series and honestly I'm just waiting for Emme's book. I've also managed to finish TWO books on my anticipated release list for this year so YAY ME!!! I also read Appealed the last book in the Legal Briefs series and now I'm sad because I  loved that series.

#ThrowbackThursday Post: 1

I've only done one #Throwbackthursday post and I am so happy about that. While I could easily get in to groove of doing this  once a week I'm OK whenever I do decide to do them. I glad that I don't let them burden me. This month my Throwback book was Sealed With a Curse by Cecy Robson. This book was so great I ended up reading the whole series!!

#BookishThoughts and Random Post: 3

A goal I had for this year was to do more discussion and recommendation posts. This month I did both. Yay for me!! I also managed to crawl out of my cave on Sunday and accomplished one Music Sunday post, which was not easy.Sundays are hard, the bed is so warm and I am not at work why should I do stuff.

I think this month was a pretty good reading month for me. I'm  really excited for the books to read next month. I already have my copy of He Will Be My Ruin by K.A. Tucker so I hope to dive into that sometime this week. I have also vowed to finish reading Feverborn by KMM so hopefully I will get around to it.

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  1. You did fantastic! I wish I could've read close to your tally for January, but life was insane. I'm pretty pumped about February though.

    Have a great month!

    1. I feel like so many books I wanted to read came out this month!! I have practically nothing for February so thank goodness it is a shorter month!!! Have a great month as well!!