#flashbackfriday Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill: Reentering the Series

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Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

Recommended for: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy lovers

Because I am a chronic re-reader I'm doing a flashback to a book I read about two years ago. I really want to continue with this series but I can't just jump in where I left off. Let's face it I read about (ok over) 100 books a year. So while I retained some knowledge (like the characters names, who I shipped them with, and the general plot) I don't remember much of anything else. What I do remember how much I loved this series and I am going to finish it but first I have to freakin' remember some stuff.

Have I already mentioned that I loved this book. One of my favorite elements of Urban/Paranormal Fantasy is the world-building. Each author always does something unique or interesting. I love the world crafted here by Ms. Neill.


So our main girl here is Merit. Walking alone one night after another grueling day of being a graduate student, our friend Merit is attacked by a rogue vampire. Isn't that the darndest thing! Luckily a really hot and very powerful vampire master, Ethan, saves here life by making her a vampire. Which beings the biggest problem for our heroine.

Now being a member of the walking dead she has to be entered into the vampire fold. There are some rules here in this new life that our girl Merit has to live by. Luckily for her since the Chicago vampires announced their existence to the world she can at least be out and somewhat proud. But she also has to live in her sexy vampire masters house and deal with some vampire rivals. Oh also there's that whole fighting thing and the fact that Chicago is not to happy to have vampires walking among them.


Merit is awesome. I mean kick ass!! She still does her own thing rules be damned and I think that is just perfect!

Now the one thing that I remembered really frustrated me about this series was my OTP, Ethan and Merit. Why can't you just kiss and make up guys!! How many more books do I have to read for this tension to END!!!! I mean this relationship is on par with the unbelievable torture that is watching Sculley and Mulder flirt through nine seasons and two freakin' X-Files movies.

While the sexual tension drives me insane! I like that she didn't immediately make it all about their relationship!

I love all of the characters in this book. They aren't just there as props to the MC.

What I really enjoy about this book is the overarching story line. The politics of vampires (and eventually other supernaturals) being out in society and the consequences of that is extremely entertaining to read. I almost forgot how engrossing this book is!! I love the world-building in this book!


I love rereading and I am happy to continue with this series. I should have gotten the second book from the library but it's never to late. Bring on the weekend!!!


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  1. I love this series so much and cannot wait for Midnight Marked -- thinking of a re-read actually so this is perfect timing! I can remember the first time I read this book and I just fell in love! ♥

    1. Yess, reread it! I started reading it again and I got so pulled in to this book, I kept reading it while I was at work, lol. I am determined to finish this series and get to Midnight Marked w/o being like "what's going on who are these people?!?!"

  2. I am the worst at re-reading. Even if it is a series and I have total amnesia on the last book. I have heard such good things about this author I really need to check her out!!

    1. It usually depends on the series and how much I love it if I can reread it. Chloe Neill is amazing!! You should definitely check her out!!

  3. This book is on sale over at Audible and was tempted to download it. Darn, I so wish I did now. I'm glad you mentioned the romance though. I don't think i can commit to a series right now. Bah.

    1. I know what you mean, reading a lot of series is like tuning into a tv show every week. I'm trying to finish series. Like Half of my tbr is series that I didn't finish, lol. I hope you eventually get around to it though.

  4. I read the first few books in this series but I don't know why I never went back. I think I got too sucked into ARCs. I remember really liking it though and Nereyda loves these books too. But OMG I know what you mean about the ship. So often in these UF books I just want them to start making out but the authors take sooo much time to develop their romance (THE OTHERS SERIES by Anne Blankman!). I kinda also secretly love the slow burn of the romance though. You should check out her new series, The Veil too! I LOVED The Veil, probably even more than this one!
    Lovely review, Taylor!

    1. I have The Veil, I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet, which is like the story of my bookshelf. It's nice to hear that it is good though!! You are so right so many UF books just prolong the romance. I'm such a romantic if they aren't making out by chapter 15 I feel like I'm going to die from the suspense alone.