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Everyone has a book kryptonite. That one plot line or subject matter in a book that no matter how bad, or cheesy, or completely cliche it might seem, you will read it because it has dragons in it (I went through that phase my friends and let me tell you, there aren't a lot of books with dragons).
So I thought today I would share my ultimate book kryptonites:


I love road trips in books. Growing up my family went on a lot of road trips. Nothing along the lines of National Lampoon's Vacation (thank goodness) but I loved being in car seeing and visiting different states. I guess I am a bit of a wanderer or I have a bit of the traveling bug but road trips in books are so cool and awesome!! It's my weakness! Here are some of my favorite road trip books:


Without a doubt my favorite YA sub-genre!!! This one is probably the one I stick to the most. In fact a majority of my favorite books have some kind of spy/mystery element in it. This is like my ultimate kryptonite. I have no power or self control. I've never really been disappointed by this genre, it doesn't matter if it is political, criminal, or just plain ol' spy novel, I will read it! Here are some of my personal favorite sleuth books:


I love when characters in books have a bit of the music bug. Whether they just enjoy music or write music, I love musical characters. I feel like it gives them more depth and makes them seem a bit more real. On a side note, I freakin'  LOVE IT when authors include personal playlist in their books. It's great for discovering new music! It's also like a nice soundtrack. Here are some of my favorite books with music:


I honestly don't know how to explain this aside from the fact that Holly Black ruined me. The first book I ever read that was a little abnormal was Holy Black's Tithe and to this day aside from the Fever series it is one of my favorites. It's so dark and interesting, I don't know how to explain it, I just love it.  I like it when books kind of defy the natural world and asks us to believe in some thing unknown. I really love it when authors create a new world based off of it and it is so unique and believable. Here are some amazing books with mystical elements:



This is definitely one kryptonite that I am afraid to admit that I enjoy. It is so dang random!!! I have no idea when this started but I have so many books with this plot line it isn't even funny. You know how in romantic movies sometimes the female love interest is obsessed over one book and she (cutely) collects this one freakin' book in various copies. If my life was a rom-com (I know I'm dreaming big here) my shelf would show like twenty books with this story line ( including historical books on Greek mythology). The sad thing about this is it doesn't matter if the book is good because poorly written and cheesy I will still enjoy it. Yes, I will enjoy a book with this story line even if it is bad! Because good or bad it is always entertaining.Now take this with a grain of salt but here are some pretty decent books:

So these are my book kryptonites. I have no power and control over my love for these plot lines but they haven't done me wrong yet so I will keep on hopelessly and shamelessly reading them!


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  1. You've named not only some of my favorite tropes in books but some of my favorite books as well! I love it!

    1. Awesome!Come over to the dark side with me. Be as obsessed as I am *queue evil laugh followed by one too many exclamation points*