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So this is it!!! The year is coming to a end and what a year it has been. I've graduated from college, applied to graduate school, started my first ever real job, moved across the states from New York City to Seattle, and got my first apartment. I thought the year I traveled abroad was intense but this year crushed that!

I look back on this year and I'm proud of all of the things I've accomplished. Most of the time it wasn't easy but, I'm ready for 2016!! Here are some of my favorite books from this year. (in no particular order)

                The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne        Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

The Wrong Side of Right was so good. It focused on the importance of family, even in unique circumstances. It was heartfelt and emotional in all the right places. The Wrong Side of Right was had me completely wrapped up. I can't wait to read more from Jenn Marie Thorne!

Saint Anything was my most anticipated read this year and it did not disappoint. I am huge Sarah Dessen fan (like seriously I have most of her books) but I did not let that cloud my judgement. Both of these books really focused on family and the personal relationships the mc's had with their family. They still managed to have a bit of romance but honestly I didn't factor much into the story.

             First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones             Nuts by Alice Clayton

While I wouldn't completely qualify First Grave on the Right as just a Romance, it's romantic portions were like hot caramel sundaes in the dead of summer. It helps that this book is a bit of a quick read, laugh out loud funny, and extremely entertaining. 

I was really excited to hear that Alice Clayton was starting a new series and that it was about food. If there are two things I enjoy, it's Alice Clayton's witty characters and food. Nuts did not disappoint. It was, of course, funny and sweet. I just wished Leo would have opened up his big mouth sooner about somethings.

                            The Deal by Elle Kennedy              Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

NA books are really touch and go. So, I think that it is super important to point out the ones that don't completely suck.

Sweet Filthy Boy was, in my opinion, Christina Lauren at their collective best. Funny, heartwarming, and down right hot at some points, I had a blast with their new series. While some of the other books weren't my favorites, Sweet Filthy Boy did attract my attention. I'm glad Ansel and Mia stuck through their decision and I just wish that Ansel would have open his beautiful french mouth sooner (what's is with these guys, they need a class in communication).

The Deal is such a dang good book. I didn't think I would like it. The story line is very "been there done that". For me it was the characters that pulled me in. Garrett Graham is unapologetic and passionate. He's also really sweet and man that's attractive. I liked how Hannah was a really strong character. She wasn't falling all over him and worshiping at his altar in a creepy obsessive way.

                          Stolen Songbird  by Danielle Jensen     Burying Water by K. A. Tucker

Every year I read one or two books on a whim that aren't really talked about and they completely blow me away!! This year I have two books that completely surprised me! 

Stolen Songbird is like the greatest thing ever. Seriously this book is so dang good I was not expecting that. Don't get me wrong I didn't think that I was going to hate it but everything about it was flawless. In-depth characters, unique plot line, actual conflict instead of drama disguised as conflict, I don't usually like fantasy novels but Stolen Songbird changed my mind. 

Burying Water is a very dark book. This doesn't really surprise me. K.A. Tucker isn't know for rainbows and sunshine and I think that she pulled this off well. While the constant flash backs did kind of become annoying I do think they were very important to the story. I really admired Water's ability to grow out of a complete life-altering tragedy. 

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning  
The Winner's Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski Charlie Davidson Series by Darynda Jones

I read a lot of series and this year and these are my favorites. I got to continue with the Fever Series with my main homegirl Mac. While Burned was a bit of a build up novel it has me clamoring for more. It read like a classic KMM book which is probably why I enjoyed it. Usually at this point long series can get convoluted with alternating plot lines but the Fever Series stays steady and that's what I love about it. Also I love Barrons.  I can't wait to see how they fight to save the world this time (even though I'm still not sure of Dani/Jada).

The Winner's Curse and Crime was like, mind-blowingly (is that a word?) good. I'm so glad I started this series and I need the next book like yesterday. Honestly, I feel like 2016 is going to be the year my emotions just can't handle it anymore.

The Charlie Davidson Series. I started this series on a whim and thank goodness for that. I devoured these books. They manage to be fun, funny, and thrilling all at the same time. I can't wait until the ninth book and every book after that.


My hands down favorite books this year was these four books. The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is an amazing political thriller. I also liked that unlike most YA books The Fixer didn't focus on romance too much. This book was very engaging and kept me up all night long. I even read it while I was at work (oops!).

After reading Stolen Songbird at the beginning of this year I was actually pleasantly surprised. I didn't know if I would like it but it blew my mind away!! If you haven't read it yet you should. The Second book in this trilogy was Hidden Huntress and it did not disappoint. This book made me emotional. The betrayals, the intrigue, the politics, the everything was so dang good! Seriously, I was shouting at my kindle and reading it with one eye open at some points. Hidden Huntress didn't hold back and I am equally excited and scared for the next book. 

Speaking of being excited and scared for a finale, The Winner's Crime was the perfect set up for what it sure to be the most sought after finale of next year. I can;t even go into words how excited but nervous I am for this ending but as I said earlier, I don't know what's going to happen (which  is scary as heck!!) but I do now that Kestrel and Arin better get a dang good conclusion or I AM GOING TO SET SOMETHING ON FIRE!!!

Lastly, Menagerie by Rachel Vincent. I have the review for this sitting in my queue so it will be posted next year but I cannot say enough how freakin AMAZING this book is. It's so dark and violent and lets face so incredibly weird that it's hard to put down. The world that Rachel Vincent creates is unreal and it should be illegal to write this dang good. 

So what was your favorite books from 2015? Are any on this list? Are you looking forward to read anything interesting in 2016?

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  1. I only just heard about Menagerie today from someone else but ERMAGERD I NEED IT. *adds it to wishlist* And oh oh I loved the Winner's Crime too! Like that ending = amazing and MY MIND IS MILDLY BLOWN. And also I'm freaking out. Desperately need the conclusion to that trilogy...hopefully it won't be as painful?! XD
    Also congrats on a year of such huge happenings!! And good luck for 2016!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!