Throwback Thursday #5:CHRISTMAS EDITION!!! Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne

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Snowed In by Rachel Hawthorne

Pub: Nov, 2007

Rating: 4 snow filled stars out of 5

After her parents divorce, Ashleigh and her mom move to a freezing island in Michigan to open a Bed and Breakfast.  Moving from a huge city in TX to a small island off the Great Lakes is going to be adjustment. Especially when she find out she is one of five (now six) students in her grade. Of course there are a lot of cute guys to keep her company...

I said I was only doing Christmas books and now I shall deliver. I'm really getting into the holiday spirit here as you can see by my brand new snowy background. Anyway my first book is, thankfully, a part of Throwback Thursday. So I'm killing two birds with one stone here.This story follows Michigan transplant Ashleigh Sneaux (pronounced like snow, that's how Christmasy this book is). Snowed In is super cute, super sweet, and super short. In all honesty, I finished it in a few hours with a cup of coffee and some cookies, I had such a blast reading it!

I actually really enjoyed this book, Seriously, it completely surprised me because I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. I really liked all of the characters, (except for one but I will get to that later) and it managed to be short but well developed.

Ashleigh was a fantastic MC. I understood what she was going through with the unbearable cold weather (being a native Texan myself). The little island they move to is so small and remote, that they don't even allow motorized vehicles. The little town is made up of Victorian houses and horse drawn sleighs it's all very adorable and it made me think of Stars Hollow, the little town in Gilmore Girls. She even gets the coolest room in a turret, how awesome is that! I liked how she had all of these weird quirks, she loves scary movies and mice figurines. It all fit and made her seem like a real person and not a fictional character.

Ashleigh liked shopping and going on dates with guys. In fact, she only likes to date. She's vehemently against having a boyfriend. Which is strange in this small town because everyone has a boyfriend. One of the characters she meets is Nathalie. Not Natalie, Nathalie, and she was as annoying as her name. Nathalie was hands down the most irritating person in this book. She was really pushy and demanding. I wanted her to calm down and the more I kept reading every time she showed up I just wanted her to stop talking.

Aside from Nathalie, we meet Chase and Josh (whose last name is Wynter. WYNTER!!) two guys who grabs the attention of our quirky MC. Also, her best friend from TX, Tara makes the occasional appearance as well. I loved the friendship between Tara and Ashleigh. I also really adored Tara's boyfriend Shaun. He was the sweetest guy and they were so cute and perfect together.

This book, of course, is all romance and I don't want to give away anything but A.) there is no love triangle (thanks goodness) B.) the MC actually shows some character development, and C.) the romance is totally cute and adorable.

If you like Christmas and can find a copy of this book ( I got it at my local library). I would seriously put this in your Christmas book rotation. A lot of people talk about the lack of Christmas YA books and while I would usually agree I'm starting to find that there are way more than I thought.

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  1. Oh gosh. This reminds of my plan to unearth Christmas books from my mountainous TBR pile!

    1. Pretty much. Every year I get one Christmas themed book as a gift but it is usually unbearably cheesy adult romances that will probably be turned into a Hallmark movie. However, I am cleaning out my book shelf they will be read!