And The Best Man Is..... My Top Five Favorite Men of 2015

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So I spend the whole year reading book after book after book filled with guys who think they are smooth talkers but occasionally (or regularly, if you are reading NA books) they can be obsessed weirdo sexist stalkers with serious emotional issues that they never truly face (I'm looking at you Travis Maddox). So, this year I decided to create a post to those wonderful non weirdo sexist stalkers with emotional issues leading men who have stolen my heart this year. Here is My Top Five Favorite Men, this year.

So starting off our count down is Oliver from Dark Wild Night.

While Dark Wild Night wasn't my favorite book from writing duo Christina Lauren's Wild Seasons series, I still fell head over heels for Oliver. He was so sweet and kind, and he has an accent. An Accent!!! How can you resist. Also the fact that he was unfailing supportive... well where can I find one of these?

Next is Tristan from Stolen Songbird

I loved a lot of things about this trilogy. One of those things was the relationship between Tristan and Cecile. It started off a bit wary but eventually they became friends and then more. *hint, hint, wink, wink* He showed a lot of character growth through out the book and you find out that he is actually quite caring and selfless. He's also very witty. I was totally drooling over him by the end of the book and he was even better in Hidden Huntress.

So the next choice is not what you think it is... Luca Falcone from Vendetta. So the main man in this book is Nicoli and I really do like him but Luca, I mean no words just.
The whole book I was kind of into Sophie and Nicoli but underneath it all I only had eyes for Luca. His bad boy persona was just a front, I'm serious, and I'm hoping in the next book we get to see more of who he really his.

Yeah you know whose next! Garrett Graham from The Deal. Wow Garrett Graham.

Just Yes!! First, The Deal is hands down my favorite NA book of the year but I'll get to that in a later post. For now lets just droll over his awesomeness (which he would totally like btw). I liked that he wasn't perfect. In some ways he is the stereotypical guy but he has so much underneath that.I loved that he was so passionate. I rarely read about a guy who is just passionate about something, other than the girl, lol.  Also, he is really smart, he was a history major, I was a history major, Yeah, we have a lot in common.

And last but not least...... Daniel from the Darkness Rising Trilogy

So I just finished this and while my love for this trilogy is neither here nor there. I shipped Daniel with Maya so hard is should be a crime. Seriously, half the time I didn't care about what happened to anyone else except for Daniel. He was hands down the most supportive, kind, smart, trust-worthy, all around coolest guy. Like jeez I don't know if anything is wrong with him which is unsettling. But he stood by Maya and supported her and offered her help when she needed it. He didn't coddle her or treat her like she precious and couldn't handle herself just, ugh, perfect, perfect guy.

So that's it for me. My favorite male characters this year. What about you? Who was your favorite Leading Man of 2015?

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