Throwback Thursday #3: The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

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What is throwback Thursday? So recently I started to count all the books in my TBR and I realized that I wasn't reading much from my TBR list. When I started to look at the books on the list I realized that some of them are quite old. So, I decided to dedicate one day to review old books in my TBR (eventually making it under 100 books) and of course Thursday is like national throwback day so what the heck here it goes!

The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

Pub Date: April 2, 2013

Rating: 3 out of 5

In the finally book in this thrilling trilogy Maya and her friends attempt to find answers to why they are being hunted down by the Nast and the St. Cloud cabals. There attempt to find a hidden weakness to free themselves from the control of two rival cabals and go back home, it not as easy as it seemed.

Armed with a piece of paper why one name. Maya and Daniel attempt to tack down subjects from a similar experiments. Along the way Maya learns of secrets that can change her life forever.

This is it!!! I've made it!! I finished this trilogy and now it is banished from my tbr. I actually really enjoyed this series but I wanted so much more from the final book.

The book starts right were it left off with Daniel, Maya, and Corey trying to find the kinds from Project Genesis to help them fight the cabals. Of course this didn't turn out well at all and the first half of the book consisted of them being confused. They kept going towards dead ends and eventually right into the hands of the cabal.

The one thing that annoyed me about this whole series was a times there was never a real explanation of things that happened. It was said and everyone moved on. It really bothered me because I wanted all the juicy details of why that happened and what was going on.

I thought that there would be more action and I definitely didn't expect that ending. I felt like the book didn't really end but everyone just came to an agreement. They kept talking about how they would eventually fight back and I was like seriously. I read this whole series and everything went back to the way it was before. It seemed like everyone was ok with the cabal instead of against people who kidnapped them and tried to destroy their lives.

It was nice seeing the kids from the previous series. I loved Chloe and Derek and I was so happy to see them together. Again I feel like the end kind of ruined everything that they went through. Also the ending was kind of open. It was left with the possibility that they would fight back against the cabals eventually, just not now. But at the same time haven't they fought for like six books now?

I just wanted more of a fight but I can't say that this wasn't a sensible gruop of teenagers. They realized that they would be on the run for the rest of their lives so they made a deal which makes sense. I hated, again, that they never talked about the deal that they made. They just kind of said "OK we agreed on some stuff", like what was it!?!? I want to know, heck I still don't know what they agreed on but what the heck everyone was ok with it I guess.

In the end this series was ok and I am happy that I got around to it. I did really enjoy (spoiler alert) that Maya finally ended up with Daniel. Her "relationship" with Rafe was a joke. They were barely together for the entire trilogy and then they just kissed. I feel like every book (maybe except for the first one) she has had feelings for Daniel and the author was building on them. I am so glad that they were finally together because I shipped them. (alert over, lol).

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  1. I had exactly the same issue too Taylor, I expected so much more from the finale and the characters just seemed to decide that it was all too hard and let's just coexist. What the bloody hell WAS THAT! It built up to nothing and her relationship with Rafe? I couldn't agree more. I loved the series but was really let down by this one too. I think I preferred the originals overall, as the storyline was much stronger as well. Awesome review poppet, so glad you were still able to enjoy it overall <3