Throwback Thursday #1: The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

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So, I'm super excited because this is my first Throwback Thursday post, YAY!!!! What is throwback Thursday? So recently I started to count all the books in my TBR and I realized that I wasn't reading much from my TBR list. When I started to look at the books on the list I realized that some of them are quite old. So, I decided to dedicate one day to review old books in my TBR (eventually making it under 100 books) and of course Thursday is like national throwback day so what the heck here it goes!
The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

Published: April 12th, 2011 by Harper

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Recommended for People Who: love mystery, adore supernatural elements, and likes diversity.

Be Cautious of: a bit of insta-love (however it's not over the top), cliff hangers and some unanswered questions.

The Gathering tells the story of sixteen year old Maya. After the tragic (and mysterious) death of her best friend, Maya begins to question the strange occurrences of her small town on Vancouver Island. With a friend who can "feel" out different people and situations and a new bad boy who makes her question everything she's know, Maya begins to wonder about the strange birthmark paw print on her hip and if there is any connection between her, her friends and the medical research town they live in.

This story has an interesting plot line but I felt that the book was all leading up to something and then it ended. Seriously all build up, no answer don't you just hate that!! I wanted to know so much more but, I guess I have to read the next book to figure it out. Aside from that I really enjoyed where it was heading and I am looking forward to reading the next book.

I like that this book was culturally diverse. The MC and her adoptive mother were both Native American. There was a bit of native america lore and background in this story which is nice to read about. Maya was a decent narrator however, my favorite character had to be her best guy friend, Daniel.

Daniel used to date Maya's best friend before she died in the beginning of the book. However, I still kind of ship them. Of course I know she is in deep insta-ish love with Rafe but I prefer Daniel. They are so much better together. Daniel is that friend that you would call at two in the morning to get Taco Bell with and drive around for no reason. Heck, Daniel is the friend you would call at two in the morning for anything. Therefore, he is an all around cool dude with awesome powers. However, I have no clue what he is suppose to be supernaturally. All we get a glimpse of is some pretty cool intuitions but no confirmation.We only get confirmation of Maya's background but even then nothing comes from it (honestly when I read the synopsis and they said paw print I was like "She's a wolf" well you guys she is not).

I have a feeling that their is a connection between the tiny medical research town they are in and every kid. I don't think it is a coincidence that they are all there however, I don't know anything aside from nothing.

In one simple sentence, I can say that I really enjoyed this book however, I feel like nothing was resolved or answer. I usually really hate suspense in books however, I am looking forward to the next book (which I already have, take that TBR!). Depending on how that goes this could be the beginning of something beautiful.

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  1. Ugh, I hate when the first book of a series is just a build up to the actual story, which you have to wait a whole year for! I love the fact that there are such culturally diverse characters, that's so wonderful to see! And Daniel does sound like the perfect love interest - I do prefer the nice guys ;)

  2. I read this series a few years ago too Taylor and you're in for quite the surprise. I didn't enjoy them as much as the original series, but still great reads regardless. I'm so excited to see what you think of book two, this series gets better with each installment and I think you might find the answers you're looking for ;) Great review Taylor, really enjoyed it <3

  3. I've yet to read anything from this author though I've heard great things. I really need to buy some of her books!