The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Recommended for: fans of mystery/thrillers, political drama

Rating: 4.5/5

When her grandfather develops dementia, sixteen year old Tess Kendrick is swept away to D.C. by her estranged sister, Ivy. Forced to go to a prestige D.C school were the children of powerful government officials reside ,Tess is pulled into the political drama and intrigue that will change her life forever.

It's official Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a rock star and possibly the best young adult author writing mystery/thrillers. I knew after reading The Naturals that she was force to be reckoned with and this book just proved it. Reading The Fixer was like watching a good political drama on tv. Seriously, it felt like I was reading Scandal, however without half of the unnecessary romantic drama (which is a plus in my book).  This book had so many twist and turns and shocking reveals I could barely keep it together by the end of the book. Jennifer Lynn Barnes had me on the edge of my seat. She didn't hold back in this book and she pretty much solidified my need for anything and everything she will write from now until forever.

I adored this book. Once the story started I just couldn't put it down and I devoured it in one day. The plot is strong in this book and every character had a deep and complex personality. I loved the mc Tess. Tess is a BAMF, ok, she gets things done. She becomes the school fixer on accident after helping one student with a problem. Now everyone in school is coming to her to fix their random issues. When her new friend Vivie needs help with a serious situation, Tess dives in and helps her. That's one of the things I really enjoyed about her character. Tess is extremely likable. She's witty, she isn't whiny and she can handle anything on her own. She also doesn't do stupid things over and over again and wonder why she's in a terrible situation, in other words she's quite intelligent. I really liked that despite everything that was thrown her way she kept her cool and remained dependable, smart, and funny.

I don't think there was a character in this book I didn't like. I loved the ones I was suppose to love (i.e. Vivie, who is like the sweetest person ever, and Asher, who is goofy and lovable) and I hated the ones I was suppose to hate (i.e. Mr. Keyes, I'm looking at you).

I wish I could talk about this book in more depth but seriously saying anything will give away this awesome plot and you don't want to be spoiled by this book. What I can tell you about The Fixer is that this book is unlike any other. It has a really unique and compelling story, with all of the elements of a political mystery/thriller added to a coming of age story. Every character in this book grows and goes through an emotional process that will change their lives forever.

I need the next book now and I can't wait to see what will happen to Tess and the gang.

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