ARC Review: Chasing River by KA Tucker

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Chasing River by K.A. Tucker
Recommendation: dark romance, adventure, NA
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Armed with two years worth of savings, sheltered Amber Welles leaves her Oregon town with the hopes of discovering herself abroad. However, her plans are derailed after a near death experience in Dublin. If it wasn't for a mysterious stranger with soulful green eyes, Amber would not have made it one day in Dublin however he vanishes before she is able to thank him for saving her life.

After saving Amber's life, River Delaney vanishes without a trace in order to protect himself from being identified for the crime. River is tired of cleaning up his brother's mess. His everyday life running his family's pub is become harder and harder after his ex-con brother becomes a part of a dangerous and violent crowd. When Amber tracks him down to thank him for saving her he realizes his feelings for Amber are growing deep.

When their attraction becomes too much to ignore will Amber continue to chase after River or will she just run?

This is the third book in K.A.Tucker's Burying Water Series and just like the others is delivers in the emotional depth and struggles present in everyday life.

I actually think I'm starting to like this series more than Ten Tiny Breaths which is saying a lot because I really enjoyed those books however these are rocking my socks off. I love the gritty darkness in this series. K.A. Tucker doesn't shy away from the dark terrible parts of life.

We met Amber Welles in the first book Burying Water. She is Jesse's sister and bestie to the MC however, this one is all her and I liked getting to know her (even if she was like crazy judgmental at times). She finally decides to go off on the adventure she's been saving up for and begins to travel the world. She finally makes it to Dublin and after being there for like 20 minutes she's already in a tough spot. She is saved and pushed out of the way by a mysterious man. However having a bomb explode a mere 20 feet away from you can put a damp on a trip and Amber finds herself constantly thinking about her savior and her near death experience.

I really did like Amber but I felt that sometimes she was a tad bit judgey. Like calm down woman everything isn't in black and white. I really like the scene where she realizes that her family, particularly her father, wasn't perfect and that there are situations were you have to go with your heart and not your head.

I adored River. He was very sweet and trustworthy which is not a word I would usually use to describe a male MC in any book nowadays. Yes he kind of glossed over his family's less than stellar track record but he wasn't a bad guy. He wasn't the captain of the arrogant squad or the mayor of A**hole-ville, he was a very honest character and at times I liked him more than Amber.

I like how K.A. Tucker gave us a little history lesson on Dublin before the books starts because I honestly wouldn't have been able to understand it with out it.

All in all this book is a A+. If you liked the other two books I would recommended this however this book isn't as dark as those. It is dialed down a bit so it isn't depressing at some parts.

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  1. I own book one, but haven't had a chance to crack it open as yet, but the more I hear about this series, the more excited I am. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of her Ten Tiny Breaths series, the characters grated on my nerves and it felt typical NA, lots of sex without that real connection behind it. But this series really does sound incredible, and being set in Ireland is a massive bonus with this book as well. Wonderful review Taylor, so happy to see you back hun <3

  2. Awesome! I'm glad I don't have to worry about hating this book. I hope it'll still have a lot depth like you said when I get to read it, it's actually in my August TBR I can't wait to dive into it. Thanks so much for awesome review!