Arc Review: Nowhere But Here By Katie McGarry

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Nowhere But Here by Katie McGary

Rating: 4 out of 5

Recommended for: contemporary, romance fans


Emily has lived a fairly shelter life in with her mother and stepfather in Florida. While she’s curious about her biological father, who is the president of the motorcycle club Reign of Terror, she’s come to term with the fact that he chose to his life in his club over being her father. After receiving a letter from her father she reluctantly goes to visit him only to become entangled in the political schemes of a rival club.

Oz just wants to be patched into the Reign of Terror. They’re the only family he has ever known. Everything was going well until Emily. Tasked with protecting her from the rival gang, Oz must prove his loyalty to the club and Emily's father in order to achieve his dream. No one wants them to be together and Emily and Oz didn't except to fall this hard. However, sometimes the right person is the one you least except. 


Katie McGarry does it again! I'm absolutely falling in love with her writing, her characters, her everything, like how does she do it?!?! Katie McGarry manages to create in depth characters with real raw emotions that leap out of the page.

After Dare You To I honestly didn’t think I could like two characters as much as I loved Beth and Ryan but Emily and Oz’s story is just as deep and complex. I would say that they are right below Beth and Ryan (I'm sorry I just love them ok, I LOVE them). But on to this book...

The Things I Liked:

I loved Emily's father. I love the relationship she built with her father and how their relationship grew and developed over the book.

I really liked the story over all and that twist towards the end! I did not see that coming!!!

I also really enjoyed all of the secondary characters. I'm honestly waiting on Chevy and Violet's book which unfortunately is not the next one and that my friends is the true definition of torture. Seriously! How long do I have to wait until I know!!!!!!!!!!! When will the torture end?!?!?! Why do author's do this?!?!?!?!

I also loved Oz. He was so sweet and nice. He cared so deeply about Emily, he stopped protecting her because it was his job. I liked how their relationship developed slowly. I love it when that happens...

Things I Didn't Like:

I did not like Emily when I first started this book. Katie McGarry keeps her changing POV's in this book and thank goodness! She was a bit uptight and closed off. Seriously she needed a chill pill. However, she changed by the end of the book and great character development is always a plus.

I can't wait for the next books in this series. I'm counting down the days.

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  1. This really does sound fabulous Taylor. I'm a big fan of Katie McGarry and have loved her Pushing The Limits series. Hooray for character development. it's one of my pet peeves when a character never learns from their mistakes and authors refuse to develop them beyond skin deep. She really is awesome at creating relatable and likable characters isn't she. Wonderful review Taylor, so glad you really enjoyed this one. I'm looking forward to reading it soon too <3

  2. I think character development is one of the most important things and I'm glad Katie nailed it! I love her other books, even though I haven't read Take Me On yet. The only thing is that they're very repetitive and I don't know if it's because of the genre or because of me. It's always two broken people, unlikely circumstances and a raging fire romance. However, if it's written well, I have no qualms.

    Awesome review