A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

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A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 3.5/4 out of 5

Recommended Genre/Fans of: her other books, faerie lore

I can say hands down that A Court of Thorns and Roses is the best Beauty and the Beast retelling to date. Sarah J. Maas takes this fairytale down to its bare bones to create a truly unique and captivating story. However, when I think of this book as a New Adult book or as another fantasy novel, I felt that something was lacking.

When she was young, Feyre made a promise to her mother that she would protect and care for her family. This promise drives her deep into the woods one morning and changes her life forever. After Feyre kills a wolf in the woods a beast-like creature shows up demanding retribution for the crime. Taken to his lands in Pyrithian, the lands controlled by the fae, Feyre finds herself in the middle of fae politics and intrigue. As she longs to go home, she finds that her captor is not a beast at all but a High Fae named Tamlin who isn't as cruel as he seems.

Things I Liked:

I loved the writing. Sarah J. Mass is an amazing writer and she really brought everything she described to life. Every detail was a joy to read. She really made this book feel sumptuous, sensual, and dark which I really loved.

I have a serious crush on Tamlin. He was so awkward and cute but also hot. I mean H-O-T hot!! Like I-need-to-take-a-break-and-get-some-water-right-now hot. He was very kind and caring towards Feyre (which is always a plus in a sea of books were the main guy can be a complete butthead). He feels very deeply and that made him an emotionally vulnerable character despite the fact that physically he was quite strong.

The world building in this book is freakin awesome! This comes as no surprise. Having just read Throne of Glass a month ago, I could tell that Maas knows how to craft an interesting setting. Seriously, if she teaches a class on this I will enroll in it. I've always had a soft spot for faerie lore and Sarah J. Mass can deliver it like a piping hot extra cheese pizza (i love cheese so this is a great thing).

Things I didn't like:

I don't know if I didn't like Feyre but in the beginning she was quite annoyingly stubborn. I mean I get it. She's taken away from her family and her purpose in life. I would be lost too but after a while you got to count your blessings even if they are  frightening. I think that she was so all over the place. She had weird mood swings were one moment she was all like yeah this is ok and then the next sentence she's completely pissed off and doing something reckless. I started to get a tad bit confused like what happened? I had to go back and read it and I was still confused.

The pacing in this book is slow but I liked it. I like slow pacing in books were the characters don't know each other. It really shows how they develop and grow together. What I didn't like about the pacing in this book was that it often went from slow to fast. Once we really started to see Tamlin and Feyre's relationship grow, it fast-forward to three months and then they were heading down the fast lane. I really wanted to see them together more often. I loved the glimpses that I read but I wanted more of their relationship. It seemed like just as they were getting started, it cooled down.

I also didn't like how this book went all love triangle-ish towards the end or have a maybe potential other love interest with someone else. I can't stand love triangles anymore. They are so annoying and very been there done that. Just no. No more I can't stand it. It makes me not trust the character's judgement.

In the end I really enjoyed this book but it felt kind of ordinary. I thought it was suppose to be a standalone but apparently it isn't and I don't know how feel about that because it resolved itself pretty well. What I would love to read is other retelling of fairytales by Sarah J. Maas. I would, no doubt, buy every single one.

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  1. It really DID resolve itself pretty well didn't it, apart from the bargain she made. Obviously that'll feature heavily in the next installment. I think the biggest draw card is hot utterly hot this was. I love the direction NA is taking, I loathed NA before, but really hoping this leads to a better standard within the genre. And having an alpha male that isn't an asshole. Phew, what a relief. I think it was Rhys that intrigued me the most, really interested to see more about what his deal is.

    Absolutely wonderful review Taylor, and hopefully you can enjoy the next book in the series just that little bit more <3

    1. I do think that NA books are going in a new (better) direction. I've read some good ones lately and they are starting to deviate from the stereotypical poor me virgin v. the campus man-whore. I'm looking forward to the next book because I can't wait to see what problems and cool villains will comes next.

  2. Personally, my favorite Beauty & the Beast retelling remains to be Stacey Jay's Of Beast and Beauty. But ACOTAR comes pretty close! I definitely agree with your points on the fantastic writing and Tamlin being totally hot. ;) And the potential love triangle really put me off as well. It just seems completely unnecessary and so sudden. I'm still crossing my fingers that Sarah won't push through with making it a full-on love triangle.

    Fabulous review, Taylor!

    1. I've wanted to read Of Beast and Beauty for a long time. I've heard it's pretty good! I'm dreading the possible love triangle, ugh.I did like it in Throne of Glass either. I hope she doesn't have one in another book.