Music (not so) Sunday: Times are Changing and I Don't Know If I Like It!!!!!!

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My life is so CRAZY right now!!!! I'm finishing up my last semester of college. Come May 17th, I will be walking across the stage shaking the dean's hand and walking off into a not as massive but still daunting amount of debt. Plus I'll have a degree. With the end of college (and the simple stability of my life now being flushed down the drain) I have to actually face the world. So far the world looks ok. Not great but only ok.

I just recently got offered a job and now I'm moving from New York to Seattle, Washington. While this is great and exciting news, I'm actually quite sad. I loved (ok I still love)  New York and while I never thought of staying here forever I hoped that maybe I wouldn't be leaving so soon but sometimes life takes you further. Considering that it is my plan to go to school in Seattle anyway it would've been a short lived stay in New York. I think that it is the fear of starting over again in a new place that has me so unsettled but considering that I went from Texas to New York and then traveled all over Europe, I like to think that I am a seasoned traveler. However, being away from my friends and having to discover a new place is quite daunting.

On top of this I recently became the moderator for a book club on Goodreads. Entitled YA Romance it is a book club that only reads, you guessed it, young adult romances. The problem is that the first moderator got way to busy for it and then passed it off to me and I don't think everyone in the group realizes that they are in a book club anymore. I feel like I'm trying to make fetch happen but I will not stop until the old moderator comes back and it is no longer my responsibility anymore.

All of this + 6 classes = no time for Taylor to read. Which in turn makes Taylor sad. I guess this also makes Taylor delusional enough to speak about herself in third person.

While I am busy, I do have some reviews up my sleeve. I'm sitting on a lot of ARCs and I always try to wait until about two weeks before I post them. I just posted the review for City of Fae by Pippa DaCosta and hopefully I will get around to the others books.

Since I forgot to post my biweekly Music Sunday post/playlist on the last actual Music Sunday, here it is:

I've been so busying working like a mad woman, finding a place to live, and graduating, I've forgotten about a whole month a music sundays but this playlist is for this weeks crazy rainstorms and the fact that I really need some R&R. Hopefully I will find the time to read soon before I go INSANE!!

The next books I'm looking forward to read soon:

Until the Next Review,
See Ya!!!!
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Hello! My name is Taylor and welcome to my blog!!! I started this blog to chronicle a year of transition in my life. I started it over a year ago when I began my last year of college. Now I’ve graduated and it is time for a new chapter of my life. So far life after college has been quite interesting. Before I was a college student living in New York majoring in History who read way too much while jamming out to awesome music. Now I’m a Seattleite who reads way too much while jamming out to awesome tunes who drinks way too much coffee (seriously the coffee here is AMAZING!!!!!) SO this blog will consist of a lot of music playlist, a bunch of books reviews, and random ramblings about life and other things. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Ahh, this is exactly why I'm scared to go to college! I'm only going into my tenth year in high school, and that means three more years before college. It's still a long way to go, but I'm definitely scared of change as well! D:

    I hope you love both Things We Know by Heart and ACOTAR. I enjoyed both of those myself! <3

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. College can be a bit overwhelming but it's worth it! So far I'm liking ACOTAR.

  2. Wow, I can't really imagine moving across the country like that Taylor, so kudos to you for being so brave. You're so lucky that you get to walk across the stage so quickly after graduation, at my uni we have to wait half a year. It's tedious and makes no sense at all...

    Omgosh, I can't wait to hear what you think of ACOTAR - this book left me in a huge book hangover when I finished. Gah, so much love for it. Have a great week! xx

    Joy @ Thoughts By J

    1. OMG!! I would go crazy if I had to wait half a year until I graduate! I'm so done with school already and I still have finals.