New Adult Pick: Burying Water by K.A.Tucker

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Burying Water by K.A. Tucker

Rating: 4 out of 5

Recommended for: new adult newbies, dark romance

Jesse Welles is keeping a secret. Hiding away in his parents garage working on his car he watches over Water hoping she never regains her memory. He knows that its safe to keep his distance from her but he can't deny the attraction they have...
Beaten, broken, and lost a young women fights to survive the trauma she endured. Found left for dead in a field, she wakes up in the hospital, with no memory of her name or her life. Taking the name "Water" she gets taken in by Ginny Fitzgerald, the town shut in, and lives on Ginny's farm in rural Oregon. Plagued by her memory loss, Water begins to build on her new life but she feels like she missing something. Why does she have these feelings for her next door neighbor and why does she feel like she knows him?

Burying Water was shockingly good but not just for the romance. While Jesse and Water did have a very nice and honest relationship, I really liked the relationships she developed with other characters and herself more. This story is told in alternative timelines and perspectives. You see who Water was before she lost her memory and you see how Jesse knew her then and how he gets to know her now.

Dealing with the trauma of being beaten, raped, left for dead, and losing a child, Water had to start over again knowing that she had another life. While she constantly questioned this she didn't linger on it for too long and I thought that was great. She accepted her fate and took everything in her new life as a blessing even though she was plagued by these old fears and after a while the return of a few memories. I loved Water's relationship with Ginny. In fact I think that was my favorite part of this whole book. Ginny suffered a trauma that was similar to Water's that started a burgeoning relationship between them. They lived together and Water brought Ginny out of her shell while Ginny helped Water start her life over again. She became the mother that Water never really had and by the end of this book I was so happy that they both had each other.

We see from Jesse's side that Water's life before she lost her memory wasn't amazing. In fact it was the worst thing ever and the only person she had was Jesse. I loved how through out the book K.A. Tucker kind of repeated the stuff that Water had said to Jesse before she lost her memory. It showed that they were the same people and that the love they had for each other was still there.

Burying Water is a really fantastic New Adult book. It doesn't play on any of the stereotypical tropes that are plaguing the New Adult circuit. I would definitely recommend this book to people who wanted to read something New Adult for the first time. It has a captivating story, great characters and character development, and it's well written.

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  1. The friendship between Water and Ginny sounds like the most prominent one of the storyline, that emotional support she clearly needed after a horrific trauma. I haven't had much luck with her other series, but this sounds like it's got so much more depth, both to the storyline and characters. Going to give her another go and grab a copy. Lovely review Taylor, really enjoyed it <3

    1. Me too Taylor, thanks again for the wonderful review!