"NA" Experiment: Hero by Samantha Young

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Hero by Samantha Young

Rating: 4 out of 5

Recommended for: romance fanatics

After learning that her father wasn't the hero she expected, Alexa Holland has worked hard to create her own life outside of her father's mistake. Emotionally damaged by her father's neglect and carelessness, Alexa has taken to living her life on her own terms until she meets Caine Carraway who's just as damaged by her father's mistakes as she is. She vows to right her father's wrongs through him but Caine wants nothing to do with her.

Determined to drive Alexa away, Caine hires her as his assistant in order to make her lose her patience. However, Caine's effort bring them together in an emotional way. Soon as the stakes get higher, Alexa and Caine must defeat separate themselves from their differences in order to maintain their relationship but is Caine the hero Alexa has been looking for?

This isn't the first book I've read by Samantha Young. I read her New Adult book On Dublin Street and with that book I wasn't really impressed but Hero makes up for it. Reading this book I was constantly reminded of that Enrique Iglesias song, you when he still had that mole on his face, this song. I don't know why I couldn't stop thinking about this song but fair warning there are a lot of music puns in this review.

Alexa was an awesome character. I knew when she said that The Killers were her favorite band that she was pretty much the greatest. I empathized with her a lot through this story because she deals with the very serious family issues. Her father came from a very important, socially elite family. After discovering that her father had another family, she never looked at him the same way. On top of that her father's family doesn't even know she exist and she has to deal with her father's biggest scandal that affected the outcome of Caine's life. She spent most of her life holding out for a hero (Bonnie Tyler, seriously this song is a classic it was in footloose and Shrek). She was looking for a white knight upon a fiery stead who was strong and fast and fresh from the fight and believe me that guy wasn't her father.

Caine wasn't an egotistical jerk. He was really nice guy who lost his entire family in the worst way. He had no support system and did what he had to do to survive on his own. He wanted to hate Alexa but he really grew to care about her. Honestly, I loved their banter and the chemistry between these two characters was so intense my kindle started to heat up. I felt that the characters in this book were well written and had in depth personalities. This book had so many twist and turns. I was entertained until the very last page. In the end they were both Heroes. They beat the odds and for them it will last more that one day (sorry Bowie).

All in all I really enjoyed this book and the characters. It was very entertaining and totally romantic.

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