Guilty Pleasures: We All Have Them But Should We be Ashamed of Them

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Have you ever felt guilty for reading a certain book? Heck it doesn't even have to be a book but anything? I started thinking about this recently because, and this is the first time I'm saying (writing?) this out loud, I just purchased Taylor Swift's latest album. Yes, me self proclaimed hipster, Top 40 hater, music junkie just bought the most popular album by the most popular artist. I would never tell anyone that because let's face it, it's a guilty pleasure for me. But should I be guilty? While I'm singing along to Style (my second favorite song on that album, Bad Blood being the first) in the shower I don't feel bad I feel great! I'm having a blast!

When I'm reading, yet again, another cheesy kind of bad New Adult book but I'm enjoying it, should I feel bad about it even thought it's essentially an over dramatic soap opera? Should I be ashamed of watching soap operas?!?! (I don't really watch soap operas)+

+ ok I did watch one for like two years but I couldn't take the DRAMA ANYMORE!!!!!

There implies with certain books that we should feel guilty for reading them and liking them. However, what's the point? Why should we feel bad for liking and reading them? Is it because of the subject matter, the writing, or the general audience? I know the minute I turned 21 (now I'm 22 and I feel like a walking skeleton) that I was officially out of the young adult type books that focused on characters in high school. I felt separated from the books I liked because of my age and because of the fact that I have a lot of friends who have pretty much judged me on certain books that I read. I still read young adult books (I read anything that I want to read) and I just don't care. I love them! I think they are great despite the stigma that some people place on them.

My goal this year is to take the guilty out of guilty pleasures and just love whatever I want to love without guilt. This is half of the reason I am continuing with the New Adult Experiment. I was a victim to the stigma placed on them but I gave it a try and I admit some of them are amazing. Yes, I like (some) New Adult books even ones that some people would scoff at reading. I also like romance novels. Yeah, I Taylor Hill like Romance novels. Not the historical romances with the cheesy covers of shirtless men but urban fantasy/paranormal /contemporary whatever I'll read it, my favorite lately is the Crossfire series:

Yep these, I LOVE THEM!!!!! I also love Karen Marie Moning. I think she's awesome I think the characters are awesome (and while some may say her books are romances they have no naughty parts in them)+. Her Fever Series is FREAKIN' fantastic. She writes about fae creatures in the best possible way, it's like if Holly Black wrote for Adults only:

+there's not naughty parts in the first three books but even then there's not as much in the others, I can't say the same about Crossfire

What I'm saying is that as readers we shouldn't feel guilty for reading any type of book. Also we shouldn't feel guilty for anything! Just let the guilt begone!!! So, I say to you no more guilt. What are some books, movies, music or whatever that you've felt guilty about but aren't going to feel guilty about anymore?

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  1. I completely agree! No one should be guilty of what kind of books he/she enjoys. To each their own, right?
    And I got Darkfever from my friend as a birthday present last month, I cannot wait to start it :)

    1. Oh My Gosh! I just loved that series. After reading Darkfever I was still so so about it but the following books drew me in. It sucked because I finished after the fifth book (before I found out there was going to be books after that) and I went through withdrawal because I thought the series was over it was that good!!!

  2. I LOVE this post. I hate that I get a bit embarrassed when I tell people what I'm reading (especially if it's fanfiction). But that's just dumb. I can read whatever I want to and I'm enjoying it, so what's the problem?

  3. I get where you're coming from, Taylor. People can be judgemental. But I think it all boils down to choice. I choose what I read, and if I like it, I shouldn't be ashamed of it. If we all try to fit in, then we'll be doing the same stuff and where's the diversity and fun in that? - Joy @ The Bookshelf Intruder

  4. YES TAYLOR I absolutely agree. I used to feel so self-conscious about reading my YA books in public because the covers do not exactly scream intellectual, but as I've gotten older, I've learnt to not really care about what others think. I think TSwift is a great example to use because she encourages people to be themselves and not buy into the haters!