Dare You To by Katie McGarry

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Dare You To by Katie McGarry

Rating: 5 out of 5

Recommended for:  fans of Perfect Chemistry, romance, contemporary

Beth Risk's home life is anything but perfect. Determined to take care and protect her mother, Beth guards her home life and her mother's secret with her life until one time lands her in jail. Forced to move to a small town to live with her estranged uncle, Beth finds herself isolated and alone with people who don't understand her, until Ryan...
Ryan is Groveton's baseball star. Everything about his life is perfect on the outside but his home is filled with quiet memories of what it used to be. Hiding his secret even from his friends is hard but taking on the craziest dare they've ever given him is going to change his life...
While Ryan and Beth's relationship starts off as a dare they are soon fighting their growing attraction and Ryan struggles between his dreams and love while Beth must decided if she is ever going to let anyone in...

This is the second book in the Pushing the Limits series by Katie McGarry. The first book Pushing the Limits was pretty good but I think this book is sooooo much better. This book focuses on Beth's story which we learned a little about in Pushing the Limits. I didn't really like Beth in the first book. She was so mean and honestly in the beginning of this book she wasn't that better. I was getting so annoyed with her but I couldn't stop reading. It was obvious Beth had some serious trust issues. She never let anyone see who she really was because she spent her life being hurt and abandoned by people who said they cared about her. I really started to understand Beth and I grew to like her with every chapter. She wasn't just the annoying mean skater girl, she was really vulnerable and when she let her guard down (the three times she did) you really saw who she was as a person. If there was an award for best character growth in a book Beth should get it and Katie McGarry should get and awards for writing it.

Then there's Ryan. RYAN like ugh he was just so OMG. Seriously Ryan was OMG!!!! He was just amazing and fantastic and so sweet and cute and kind and just swoon worthy. Literally I almost swoon twice. I love him! I'm serious I want one. Who do I find a guy like this? Do guys like this even exist? He's just the greatest. I loved reading from his p.o.v. He wasn't a stereotypical jock. He has a serious love for baseball, good friends, and he was so down to earth and chill. He struggled a lot with family in this book. His home life looks good on the outside but his parents are constantly arguing, his father is overbearing, and he has a brother he loves but can't connect with and to top it off he doesn't know if his dream of being a professional ball player is what he wants to do anymore. It was great seeing him open up and discover who he really was and what he wanted. Ryan's problem was that he was living in fear. Fear of the expectations placed on him and on how people saw him.

Together Beth and Ryan has to have the BEST no the GREATEST relationship in a Young Adult book. I'm dead freakin' serious. They worked so well together, they both complemented each other perfectly and they made each other better. They brought out the absolute best in each other. There is this one scene where Ryan and Beth are talking and he wants her to trust him but she runs away and she almost falls into a lake. HE grabs her before she falls in (she can't swim BTW), he pulls her into him arms and and cares her into the lake and he says that he won't let her go she just has to trust him and I'm like DyiNg!!! UGH!!! Just read this book because it honestly can't be put into words how perfect Ryan and Beth's relationship is. Bravo Katie McGarry. Everything about this book was fantastic. I'm honestly amazed about how perfectly executed and well written Dare You To is and this book has ruined other romances for me (except for Noah and Mara they are just fantastic). Seriously just do yourself a favor and find a copy now and bask in the glory with me!

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  1. I seem to have a differing opinion than everyone in the book world. I loved Dare You To and Crash Into You, but I think Pushing the Limits is still my favorite book. I think I just get attached to characters.

    1. Yeah I totally understand that. Noah and Echo are pretty amazing together but Ryan was just too adorable. I loved reading about Noah and Echo and watching their story continue in Breaking the Limit.