Music Sunday: Two Week Recap & the NA Experiment

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In my last Music Sunday post I got to jump on the Fairytale Retelling challenge bandwagon and finally start the books I choose to read. I also have some awesome things planned for the next two (ish) weeks including bringing back some stuff but first... the playlist.

This playlist is perfectly titled Reading on Sunday. It was inspired by the last time I read on Sunday. I might have only posted one review, for the book I read on sunday, while it's not the only book I read this week (more on that later), this pass sunday just had that awesome sunday feeling. It was sunny, I had great food, a good book, my hair looked AMAZING, I don't know what to tell you it just felt right and it needed some music.

In other news, I've decided to continue with the "New Adult" experiment. I initially chose four really popular New Adult books and I was going to base my whole idea on those four books (actually about two because I didn't necessarily liked the other two). I figured that there are some good ones floating around there and I want to share the good ones (a perfect example being Maybe Someday). So that's started again and the first book to kick it off will be *insert drum roll*
Hero by Samantha Young:

Aside from the NA Experiment, I will be reading All Fall Down by Ally Carter and A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. 

If I have time I will probably squeeze in Dare You To by Katie McGarry and the next book for the Retelling Challenge Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis. More than likely I will read all of these books in the next two weeks but you never know!!! Oh goals they look beautiful, they sound beautiful but sometimes they are so difficult.

Last but not least, Vendetta by Catherine Doyle comes out on Tuesday the 24th and seriously it was pretty good.  Check out my review here.

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  1. Hi there, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Check my post for more info

  2. I loved Maybe Someday just for the soundtrack alone, I listed to it on My Kindle while I read and played each song as it was mentioned it the book. It made for an AMAZING experience. I love the concept and wish more books had soundtracks, or at least playlists to go along with them/

    Good luck with the NA experiment, will be watching to see any great NA reads you discover. I tend to have the crappest luck with NA, but always willing to try again. Great post Taylor, thanks for sharing <3

    1. I haven't listen to the soundtrack to Maybe Someday but I've heard GREAT things about it! I hope I put some great books out there that you will like.