Music Sunday Reboot

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Do you remember music sundays? You probably don't since I haven't done it in a while. So many missed sundays, so many lost opportunities for awesome music on the perfect day to listen to music. Well, lately I've been contemplating bringing it back and (hopefully) keep it with it. However, instead of just posting a playlist I am going to take this time to review what has happened during this past month and what I will be doing in the next month. I don't know, yet, if I'm going to do this every sunday, however, I'm going to try my hardest to do this every two weeks. I will post my playlist on 8tracks but I will always attach a link.

This week was weird. There was a freak snow storm up here on the east coast. I don't think the lower parts of New York got it as bad as those living upstate (my friend who lives upstates got 27 inches of snow!!!!!!!). School was canceled and I became very prolific and caught on a lot of reading while procrastinating all of my hw. Luckily the teachers all let it slide because snow. However I got some really pretty pics before the snow got all nasty.

Spy month has come to an end and I am sad to admit that I never got around to posting the review for All Fall Down by Ally Carter. However, I will be posting it, I just have to finish writing the review. On the bright side I read some really good books for spy month. While, I didn't enjoy Also Known As by Robin Benway and The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall as much as I wanted to, the other book I read were pretty fantastic!

I loved Grave Mercy & The Winner's Curse the most and I am excited to see what's in store for the other books in those trilogies. 

For February I really want to get started on the Fairytale Retelling Challenge hosted by Mel @ The Daily Prophecy. I super excited for some of the books I have chosen:

Jane by April Linder

This is technically not a "fairytale" however it is a modern retelling of Jane Erye. Apparently, Mr.Rochester is a rock star and I don't know but it sounds good.

The Goddess Test by Amiee Carter

This is also not a fairytale however, I have this weakness for mythological retellings especially stories about Hades and Persephone. I have no idea why and even if this book is bad I will probably love it just for that reason alone. So, consider yourself warned. 

That's all for now I think looking forward to a new month with new books.
Until the next review,
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  1. I know The Goddess Test has gotten a bit of a bad wrap, but I really enjoyed it. It's one of those guilty pleasure books that is purely for entertainment. That reminds me, I need to read books two and three still. The storms in the US look horrid at the moment, hope everyone is keeping safe. I've actually never seen snow, so it's kind of surreal to see it cause so much devastation.

    1. Great!! I need a guilty pleasure book. Yeah this snow sucks, it was worse today. We had freezing rain, like ice raining down on us then it just started to snow like crazy!!!!! this weather I swear

  2. I love the idea for a Music Sunday. Though my playlist basically consists of Fall Out Boy and that's it. I'll leave the playlists to you I think. Also, I feel you on the snow. Nor'easters are fun but also, who invented shoveling? It is decidedly not fun.

    I'm glad you had a pretty good spy month. I also loved Grave Mercy and The Winner's Curse, so I hope your fairy tales go just as well. Have you read Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge? It's one of my favorite twisted Beauty and the Beast tales.

    1. There's nothing wrong with an all Fall Out Boy playlist! Shoveling sucks, shoveling ice = impossible. I did read Cruel Beauty and I really enjoyed it I'm excited for her next book its an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood!
      Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

  3. Ohh, I want to check out both of these! I'm doing the retelling challenge too and I KNOOOW it's supposed to be fairy tales, but I may squeeze in a few retellings as well. *nods* Retellings are my weakness.
    The snow is pretty!! I've never seen snow IRL. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I know I feel so bad doing anything but fairytales but retellings are so amazing!!!!! Snow is really pretty when you are watching it fall inside the warm comfort of your home. Going outside in it is an adventure.

  4. Oooh, I didn't know there was a retelling challenge. That sounds exciting! A retelling about Hades is definitely something to check out. I love Greek mythology. :) - Joy @ The Bookshelf Intruder

    1. I love Greek mythology too, its my weakness.