Indie Spotlight: Remember When by T. Torrest

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Rating: 9 out of 10
Recommended for: Those crazy, die hard, romance fanatics
Remember When by T. Torrest

"Be happy. Wherever you wind up. And know that I'll be thinking of you wherever, I am."

Before Trip Wiley became the object of affection for many admiring fans across America, he was Layla Warren's first crush. Layla Warren's senior year of high school was suppose to be quick, drama-free, and stress-free. With her best friends at her side senior year was proving to be just like she planned, that is until Trip Wiley sat behind her in English class. This witty and cute YA/NA comedy tells the story of how Layla fell for Hollywood superstar Trip Wiley before the his name was seen in lights.

I knew the after the first page that I would love this book. Remember When is set in 1990 in the suburbs of New Jersey. Our MC, Layla Warren, is re-telling the story of her first crush and first love, with her high school sweetheart Trip. I really enjoyed Layla. She is such a lovable character and she was so dang funny! I loved her wit and this book had a great realistic tone. I felt like I was sitting on the couch talking to my best friend about this boy she used to date way back when.

This book gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. I was smiling and giggling while reading it and hoping that it would never end. It reminded me of old crushes, perfect summers and that general feeling you get while thinking of high school. I had butterflies fluttering in my tummy all thorough Remember When. 

I loved every relationship in this book. The friendship between Layla and her best friend Lisa was the best. They were hilarious and supported each other no matter what. They truly wanted the best for one another and offered council, advice at the best opportunities. They stuck by each other through the emotional roller coasters and the hardest life changing decisions. You couldn't help but root for them even when they were being crazy. I hope to see more of their friendship in the following books.

The minute Trip walked into class and tapped on Layla's desk my heart skipped a beat. He was so so soooooooo ugh! In translation, I liked him. He was funny and sweet. I loved how they formed a real friendship before that perfectly perfect summer. It made their relationship more tangible and showed more depth to their love. While the school year was filled with misunderstandings and those angsty teenage emotions, that last summer in '91 was beyond beautiful. While it was bittersweet, cause everyone was going off to college, this part of the book was definitely my favorite. This book doesn't end in a cliffy but believe me, you will want this second book after you finish it.

Remember When is a sweet romantic comedy, that will bring back those warm glowing feelings of a first love. It is available on Amazon and it is my Indie Spotlight book this week.

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  1. This sounds like something that I will enjoy. I love fluffy romances, especially ones that give off a summer vibe. Just thinking about it now makes me feel warm and giddy. Nice review, Taylor. :) - Joy @ The Bookshelf Intruder