The "New Adult" Experience Book 1: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

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Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
Recommended for: people who love angsty romances
Rating: 8 out of 10

Thoughtless tells the story of Keira and her struggle between being in love with her long time boyfriend Denny and falling in love with her new roommate Kellan. After packing up and moving to Seattle with Denny, her boyfriend for two years, Keira's life couldn't get any better. She is finally on her own and away from home starting a new life with the man she loves. Everything is going well until Denny has to go out of town for a new potential job.

Feeling neglected and lonely Keira finds comfort in their roommate, and Denny's friend, Kellan. A sexy lead singer in a cool rock band, Kellan is a heartbreaker. They maintain a beautiful friendship until one night when everything between them change. 

Kiera, for a majority of this book was quite annoying. Her indecision was plagued by the fact that she wanted to have her cake and eat it two. Keira for a minute, a small sliver of the book comes off pretty needy. She needs Denny, and feel slighted when he choses his career over her and then even after her big mistake with Kellan, when he tries to do the mature thing and leave,  she forces him to stay for no apparent reason other than the fact that she just wants him around.

Sometimes while reading this I wanted to know the exact moment she stopped loving Denny and started to love Kellan. The only part I can think of is literally the moment he leaves. When he leaves she's all mopy and she just turns to the next best thing and Kellan stopped her from feeling lonely. Was it because he was there or did she genuinely have true feelings for him?

Honestly, I'm not surprised that she just fell in love with Kellan. He was a really nice, really sweet guy. He wasn't crazy over protective. He treated her with respect. He was, to Quote her sister "Hotter than Hell". Which was mentioned in almost every page, like we would forget his hotness. The only thing I hated about Kellan was the stereotype that he was. It seems like almost every author does this now. I'm serious, throughout this experiment I am going to see if this happens in every book but basically.. Kellan treats girl like Kelneex but not Keira. It completely stereotypes him as the unattainable bad boy and it stereotypes the girls as being easy and stupid for just wanting to have sex with him. 

However, I can say that Kellan did not completely live up to the stereotype. Most bad boy types in books use girls for no apparent reason but he just lacked love growing up and that was the only way he felt needed in his life and this character flaw made him seem so real and so vulnerable. It was a great move on Ms. Stephens part. Kellan had more depth and personality than Keira, in my opinion.

This story was great and filled with drama and intrigued and I loved at how the end they didn't just rush into a relationship. they didn't start right where they left it. they started to date each other. They took it slow and really got to know each other and that is something I truly admired. I liked when Keira finally realized that sometimes the unknown is ok and life is about taking chances. Of course it might not work out as she planned it but she loved him and anyone can see that he loved her.

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