Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

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Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
Recommended for: Everyone
Rating: 10 out of 10

“I kept thinking back to all those nights in Connecticut, when I was out the door as soon as dinner was over, yelling my plans behind me as I headed to my car, ready for my real night to begin—my time with my family just something to get through as quickly as possible. And now that I knew that the time we had together was limited, I was holding on to it, trying to stretch it out, all the while wishing I’d appreciated what I’d had earlier.” 

Second Chance Summer tells the story of Taylor Edwards and her last and second chance at a perfect summer. Taylor is used to running away from things when the going gets tough however; when her father is diagnosed with stage-four cancer she learns that she cannot run any more.

Her father's last request is to spend his last summer with his family at their lake house in the Poconos, a place that holds significance to Taylor even though she hasn't been there since she was twelve. After arriving to their Lake house she finds that things have rarely changed. Her first crush and boyfriend is now her neighbor, and her former best friend, Lucy, is still hurt from that summer long ago. This summer holds the possibility for forgiveness, love, and a chance at being a family again

Wow! This book had me up at 5 in the morning crying my eyes out!!! I should put in a warning.

Warning: Will Cause Ugly Crying!!!!!!!

This is a wonderful and bittersweet story. This book is about second chances and the beauty of family, and having people stick by you during the tough times in your life. Taylor Edwards is really quite an ordinary character with the tendency to run away. She ran away from her best friend and Henry, when she was twelve and never looked back. She was running away from her family and her friends back home. Taylor was admirable. I loved how she learned so much over the summer. I loved how she really appreciated her time with her father an truly realized how important her family was.

She always felt like she was an outsider in her own family. As the unremarkable one she kept to herself a lot and I can really relate to that. I can really relate to taking your family for granted because I do every day. The thing I loved about Taylor was that she truly learned and understood how precious her time is with her family and how short life could be an she made to best out of those chances as fast as she could. 

“A thousand moments that I had just taken for granted-mostly because I assumed there would be a thousand more.” 

This truly is a beautiful book. It teaches us the importance of family and what we take for granted in life. This is just an ordinary story about a normal family going trough something life changing. It was so real, reading and understanding her reaction and her families reaction to this event. As the time grew closer a small part of me hoped that maybe just maybe her father would make it through, even though I knew it was inevitable. The change in her family became more and more obvious 

I think Morgan Matson did a wonderful job at really showing  the dynamic of Taylor's family and how they learned to be a family again. She also showed that second chances are possible. Taylor had a second chance at friendship, love, and family. She reconciled with Henry, her forever ago boyfriend, her first crush and frankly he was perfect. He showed Taylor the importance of staying. He stayed by her through the toughest time in her life even when she was running. It shows that people will stay with you no matter what. I loved Lucy, I loved her brother, there is not a person in this book who wasn't a well crafted character with a uniquely beautiful personality. 

This is a perfectly amazing coming of age story. I can't say enough about the lesson of this book and Taylor's growth. It is so hard to write a critical review of a book you love. However, if you read this book you will not regret it. Second Chance Summer is a great book and I am really enjoying Morgan Matson as an author and now I am moving on to her next book.

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