M.I.A. & The "New Adult" Experience

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So, My computer hates me. Lately, and by lately I mean the past week or so when I haven't posted anything, my computer has been away to where ever Apple computer go when they aren't feeling well. I had to get a new battery because apparently I used my laptop to often, and with that use comes a price. Because of this I haven't finished reading the ARC for Compulsion. I can tell you right now, while I am half way through it, that it is ok. Not fantastic but ok. I am having a little grip with the MC. Hopefully the action will start soon, but the premise and story of the book is really intriguing and captivating.

While I've been away from my computer I was attempting to read something not ebookified, not a real word, and one of my dearest bookish friends recommend that I read Thoughtless by S.C.Stephens. This book is apart of the new genre of books called "New Adult". What are "New Adult" books. This genre is basically what people think girls in college will want to read after they leave high school and shy away form Young Adult books. Most of these books take place in college and focuses on a twenty something year old girl and a hot twenty something year old guy. While it is nice to read something about a twenty year old every now and then I don't understand why these books just can't be classified as Adult fiction. I have read plenty of Adult fiction book about women in their twenties why "New Adult"?

 Now, I know while this genre of books is new, it has been around for a while now and I haven't been interested in reading any of those books because basically they all sound the same. Nice girl with emotional problems, usually family related or just her shyness, meets a crazy guy who will either be in a band or a professional fighter, with seriously emotional issues who uses women like paper towels. They will fall madly in love but she will be too scared of her emotions or not sure of him and he will be crazy over protective, the book will end with them living happily ever after and they will probably get married in a day.

While these books all sound the same they have to be popular for a reason right? While in my self processed boredom I decided why not give it a chance. So, after, or maybe before you never know these things, I finish reading Compulsion, I will read and review three New Adult books. I shall call it the NA Experiment. The books I included for this will be:

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

Easy by Tamara Webber

Wish me luck,
See Ya!!!!

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