It's Here!!!!!!!

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The wait is over! My signed copy of Isla and the Happily Ever After has finally arrived!!!! The much anticipated third novel by Stephanie Perkins hit stores yesterday and so far the buzz is quite good. I went ahead and pre-ordered a SIGNED COPY!!!!! It came with all of this cool swag. (yes I just used the word swag unironically). 

As you can see by my various pictures I received those really, really cool buttons, that I am pining all over my backpack and a tote bag! It also came with stickers that I will gladly stick to my record player, unbeknownst to my dad, and of course the book itself.

Yeah did I mention it was signed. I pre-ordered this book so long ago I almost, but not really, forgot about it. With that being said every book I said that I was going to read this week has been put on hold. My goodreads currently- reading has vanished and the only thing there is Isla. Sorry, Compulsion, Thoughtless, and Shadow of Night, I got to make room for my Perkins.

See Ya!!!!!!

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