Pivot Point by Kasie West

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Pivot Point by Kasie West
Recommendation for: Fans of young adult mysteries and paranormal books
Rating 10 out of 10

Addison Coleman's life is not as normal as it seems. As a searcher, when Addie is faced with a choice she can look into her future and see the best outcome. When Addie's parents decided to split up, her only choice is to look into her two possible futures and see what is best for her wether it is staying with her mother in paranormal compound or going to Dallas to live among the "Norms" with her father. In one potential future Addie adjust well to her Norm life and meets Trevor, an artistic used to be football player, who understands her. In her life in the compound she catches the eye of the school hottie Duke Rivers. However, her choice becomes quiet difficult when Addie's father is asked to assist on a murder investigation in the compound. Addie must decide what choice to make, when she becomes drawn into a dangerous plot were her life and her happiness are in jeopardy. 

This book was fantastic! I loved the writing, the characters, it was just amazing and completely enjoyable. Addie is such a fantastic MC. She was really ordinary, aside from the whole strange ability thing, but she had her weird little quirks. She seemed so normal which is ironic because she is paranormal (haha so clever) . She was way more comfortable around her father than her mother and after her parents spilt, I thought that it was pretty obvious that she would stay with her father. However, her life had always been in the compound because that was what she knew and she couldn't leave her best friend Laila. 

This book is told from both possible futures in Addie's search. Each chapters varies in the futures. The way that she lets the reader know which chapter is taking place in whatever future is by using definitions or words that start with norm for the chapter outside the compound and words that starts with para for the chapters in the compound which is really unique. I liked how even though it was two possible futures Mrs.West never changed Addie's personality. She kept her the same however she kept her reactions to the outcomes different. It was also really cool how certain events coincided. Instead of creating two completely different lives and make everyone guess about who's better and which life should she choose and so on, she keeps the same mysterious plot and you learn about what is happening in each place in each chapter no matter the future. 

When I first started reading this book I feared the always dreadful love triangle but this wasn't like that. Duke was no comparison to Trevor. Sweet, nice, artistic, kind Trevor. Duke was more of an antagonist or a puppet. I don't know if he even really liked Addie because it was somewhat obvious that he might have been using her. Trevor and Addie's relationship was real. Instead of looking at each other and falling madly in love they became friends first and then fell in love. He is without a doubt 10,000 time better than Duke.

I loved the plot and how the story unfolded. The ending practically destroyed me. I can't believe that she did that but she had to or else she would have lost someone really important to her. 

This book is part one in a two part series, the second book is Split Second and I already have a copy of it. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next with Addie.

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