Uninvited by Sophie Jordan Book Review

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My Rating: 8 out of 10
Recommended for: fans of Reboot and the Darkest Minds

Uninvited tells the story of Davy Hamilton, a musically gifted young woman living in a dystopian society with an increase of civilian crime/homicides. In her world people are tested for HTS-- Homicidal Tendency Syndrome, a kill gene that brands people as murders because it is in their DNA. When Davy tested positive for HTS she gets kicked out of her school, ostracized by her friends, completely pulled out of society and is branded a criminal.

This is not the first book I've read by Sophie Jordan. I read her new Adult books and decided to start reading her Firelight series ( it's about dragons, enough said). While they weren't bad books they weren't my favorite so I was skeptical about reading this book. I will say that this book is one of my favorites by Sophie Jordan. 

I didn't know if I was going to enjoy it but I really liked this book. The whole idea of people being tested as killers was really interesting. Davy was a really good example of looks are deceiving. She's smart, creative, completely innocent and that's why she was a really good MC for this book. She's never done anything wrong but now just because one day she might kill someone she's a criminal without even doing anything criminal. I liked how we watched her grow and mature throughout the book, because she had to. She was put in a situation that forced her to grow and become the hard killer that everyone already thought she was. I also liked how the author put emphasis on the fact that some people are ruthless killers but not everyone even those who have the kill gene. It isn't just the gene but the person who has the choice.

I liked Sean and Gil. I liked how Gil was still himself despite being an HTS carrier. He was still the nerdy guy he always was and very kind. He was a good friend for Davy which she desperately needed.  Sean was a very caring person, a good friend which is also something you would not expect from a murderer but he did fall on hard times. He has been a carrier since he was a young child and he is in the foster system. He's had to protect himself for s very long time which has made him a hard person. The only problem I had with Sean, which isn't a big problem, was that he was, at times, really overbearing. He wouldn't let her do much on her own and I understand that he was trying to protect her but, at least believe that she could handle herself in some situations.

I feel like a lot of stuff in this book was blown out of proportion. By this I mean the mob mentality of the people but ten I realized that it took place in Texas so maybe not, lol. Still despite the setting of this book I didn't really understand how people could like someone one day but then the next day be like "oh, well you are a murderer, even though you haven't murdered anyone yet so I'm throwing away ten years of friendship anyway". Seriously! I really believed that the people where over analyzing the situation. but I guess that this was a point that Ms. Jordan was trying to get across.

One thing about this book that I loved was how in between each chapter was a small little excerpt from the papers written by the Doctor was created the test for HTS, or a speech by the president and other little things like statistics and what not. It made the story more believable and it added depth. It also let the reader know of small little things that the MC didn't know yet.

One thing that was really ambiguous was time. I found out half way through the book that it took place in TX but, I never really got a feel of what time this was happening in. Goodreads labeled this as a dystopian however, it really isn't. The only thing different from this book and our time is the fact that people can get tested for being a murderer. That's it. there is not change in government or anything.In the beginning of the book you get a feel that it is in the future but only because the character makes a remark that her mother always said her father looked like Brad Pitt and the MC is all like, whoever he is. Like WHAT?!?!?! One of the charts in between the chapter said that it was after 2020 but, what happened to Brad Pitt. That's only six years away. Six YEARS!!!!! That's not far. I don't understand.

Another small thing was how really important events were glossed over. I don't want to give anything away but there are some parts in the book that, in my opinion, could have been elaborated. Aside from the ambiguous time and over dramatic representation, I enjoyed reading this book. This book is part one in a two part series. With the way this book ended I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Right now I am moving on to Cruel Beauty. One down one more to go.
See Ya!!!!!!!!

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